lily pad trail

This morning we started on the Buffalo Mountain Trail in Silverthorne, CO. It was a 7.1 mile trek through woods, waist deep snow, and loose rocks.. and it was beautiful!

Beautiful, but maybe not the best first day hike (the altitude change hit some of my fam hard), sooo we didn’t quite make it to the top.

Right next to Buffalo Mountain is the Lily Pad Lake Trail. This trail was totally different. And super kid-friendly, if you’ve got a little one!

The incline was not challenging, and the trail was easy for the most part. A few fallen trees to fanagle over, nothing crazy. And the streams have bridges making this hike even more of a breeze!


Lily Pad Lake unfortunately had very few lily pads, but if you visit nearing the end of summer, a majority of the lake may be covered.

As a little girl, I was absolutely in love with Claude Monet’s lily pond paintings so much so that when I saw one of his Water Lilies for the first time, I cried. Seriously though, so pretty.

The lake lacking lilies was slightly disappointing, BUT the pond right by the lake was nearly covered!


10/10 would hike again.

Hair in my face while hiking is a huge pet peeve!! So I took the two front sections, from behind the ear to my face, braided each and tied them together in the back and did a simple braid with the rest of my hair. Works like a charm!

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