wavy hair all day

When I do curl my hair, (cause let’s be real, sometimes I’d rather throw it in a braid than take the time to tame this mane) it’s not uncommon for people to ask how I achieve my wavy look. It’s honestly SO easy, anyone could to it!

These waves have been my favorite starting style lately. I can usually get 2-4 days out of them and have been lovin adding in a halo braid on day 2 or 3. Also having some movement and body in your hair gives a gorgeous look to a big, loose braid. So pretty!!

Cheers to my first real hair tutorial (If you can even call it that)! The amount of um’s, stumbling over my words,  and forgetting what I’m saying is hilarious, but hey, it’s my first try. Now that I (hahaha Scotty actually) know how to put a video like this together, more tutorials will be coming your way! xo

Watch my wavy tutorial here!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! Do you use any products on your hair before or after you curl to help it last? Also, you said you use a wet brush, what is a wet brush?

  2. Hey, Bethany!
    I used Beyond Shine heat protecting spray from Aquage and finished with a medium hold hairspray from Wella.
    Wet Brush is a brand/type of brush. You can find them at Target for $9!! 🙂

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