how I go a week without shampooing

There was a day when people didn’t believe that my hair was real… then beauty school happened. So, I am now on a mission to get my hair back to it’s long, healthy, and still blonde as can be state that it was in all those (4) years ago. Ugh.

Step one; use professional products.

Step two; limit use of heat.

Step three; DON’T over shampoo.

Today we’re talking about step three and how I go a week without shampooing my hair. Sounds scary, huh? I thought so, too. But I’ve learned some tricks that have made it very doable.

Day 1. I shampoo/condition in the morning, blow dry with a round brush… or no brush (my arms can only handle so much haha) OR, my preferred method if I am not going out the door, air dry! I wear my hair natural, little to no styling and avoid touching my hair to limit contribution of oil… we gotta make this last a week, ladies!

Day 2. This is when I get my curling iron out. Get some wave action going on.

Day 3. Sometimes my day 2 waves are still rockin, but may need a little dry shampoo help. I’m not the biggest fan of dry shampoo, so I don’t usually use it, but I do like Wella’s dry shampoo for the day 3’s I’m in dire need of some help. Buy it here.

Day 4. Jack it UP to Jesus, girl. My teasing brush is never so appealing as it is on day 4. The best way to hide some dirty roots is to tease it out.

Day 5. Time to put those braiding fingers to work. I love doing a half up braid and freshening up my curls. A big, messy braid is another favorite.

Day 6. Top knot! I always tease (all over) before pulling my hair up in a top knot. I don’t like that slicked to your scalp look… especially when I’m trying to pull off a week of no shampooing.

Day 7. GIRL YOU DID IT. You’ll never experience a more satisfying hair washing experience as this. Enjoy. Now, do it again.

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